360-degree legal and accounting support.

Most of the problems entrepreneurs face are not as unique as they first appear.

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360-degree legal and accounting support.

Most of the problems entrepreneurs face are not as unique as they first appear.

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We’re obsessed with finding elegant solutions to the problems our customers face every day.

A professional legal and financial advisory team from the Republic of Moldova.

Our aim is to provide consulting services at international standards to companies that want to expand their business in the Republic of Moldova and adapt to specific Eastern European conditions.

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Our services

Legal advice

We cover a wide range of areas including civil, commercial, criminal and employment law. See more

Tax Consultancy

RECONSULTING offers you tax consulting, advice and assistance for efficient tax management, optimization of your tax situation and compliance with tax legislation. See more


RECONSULTING, where we pride ourselves on our team of accounting experts. We offer professional and personalised services to effectively manage the financial aspects of your business. With our commitment to transparency and compliance, we’re here to contribute to your company’s sustainable success through trusted accounting solutions. See more

Audit Services

Welcome to RECONSULTING in the Corporate Audit department. It is an independent and systematic assessment of a company’s financial statements, systems and internal controls. It aims to confirm the accuracy and compliance of financial information, identify risks and improve operational efficiency. An external auditor, often an independent firm, carries out this process to provide assurance to stakeholders, including shareholders and creditors. Corporate audit is essential for financial transparency, informed decision-making and maintaining confidence in the management of the organisation. It is a necessary practice to comply with the accounting regulations and standards in force. See more

HR and Payroll

The Human Resources (HR) team is responsible for managing personnel issues in an organisation. Its essential role is to ensure a healthy working environment, compliance with legal regulations and implementation of internal policies, contributing to the success and well-being of employees and the organisation. See more

Lawyer Services

Lawyers in RECONSULTING include legal advice, drafting legal documents, representation in court, negotiation and dispute resolution. The lawyers cover a wide range of areas, from civil and criminal law to business and family law, providing specialist legal assistance to resolve clients’ problems and represent them before the courts or in other legal situations. See more

Financial Consultancy

RECONSULTING offers Financial Consulting provides clients with advice and assistance in various financial matters including budget planning, investments, taxes, debt management, retirement planning, financial analysis, insurance, financial education and business planning. Financial Consultants (RECs) help clients achieve their financial goals through customized strategies and financial expertise. See more

International Consultancy

International consultancy involves the provision of specialised services and advice in various fields such as business, law, finance, human resources, technology and economic development, tailored to the global context. International consulting experts assist clients in navigating the complexities of international markets and different regulations and cultures. See more

EEA Advice

External Economic Activity See more

Our advantages

Comprehensive support

A qualified solution to the problem of client support, as we offer a wide range of accounting and legal services.


Only professionals who have passed the most rigorous selection process and whose work is under constant internal control of our company will handle the client’s business.


There is no need to keep a full-time accountant working and troubleshooting incidentals in the workflow organisation – the client just focuses on their tasks.


Our specialists are competent, conscientious and responsible. The risk of error is close to zero. However, if this occurs, we will compensate the client for the full damage suffered.


Providing legal and accounting services at a level for which the company will have to pay much more to a full-time specialist.

Absolute confidentiality

This is one of the most important principles of outsourcing. And we, as a company that cares about our business image, adhere to it very strictly.

Our clients

Directions in Business

Why invest in the Republic of Moldova?

RM, is a country with a continuously growing economy in different areas some of the main ones our clients invest in are, Real Estate, IT (Information Technology), Agriculture

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External Economic Activity

Procurement, Import/Export and Transport logistics.

Legal Service

Supporting Legal Entities in Corporate Law, as well as individuals in civil lawsuits.

Moldova IT Park

Preparing your company to become an MITP resident Benefits from special tax system

Opening for Non-Residents?

Company Opening Guide for Non-Residents in the Republic of Moldova

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Services for companies in Occupational Safety for compliant working environments and effective risk management.

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Evaluation Services

Professional valuation services for property, financial assets and movable assets. Accurate and transparent reporting, tailored to your needs.

Assistance in obtaining non-resident residence permits

Dedicated assistance in obtaining residence permits. Expert guidance and support in filing for a smooth and efficient process.

AUDIT for IT Parks

Audit for IT parks: effective evaluation of the annual report of the company’s activity in the IT park.
image Amendments to the Law on IT parks - published in the Official Monitor
Amendments to the Law on IT parks – published in the Official Monitor
Dear residents, We inform you that today, 12 January 2024, the Law amending Law 77 regardi…
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image What is happening with exports and imports of goods in Moldova
What is happening with exports and imports of goods in Moldova
In Moldova, in January-September 2023, exports of goods totaled 3014.9 million US dollars, which is …
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image Access to some electronic tax services will be closed for two days
Access to some electronic tax services will be closed for two days
The State Tax Service (SFS) informs that on 28 November 2023, between 10:30 and 11:00, work will be …
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We don't just solve problems - we prevent them from happening

Most of the problems faced by entrepreneurs are not unique, as it seems at first glance.

The years of experience of our specialists will allow you to solve your problem in the shortest possible time in a safe way. Leave a request or contact us by phone.

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