About us

We exist because we are obsessed with finding elegant solutions to the problems our customers face every day. This is especially true for tasks, which others cannot perform.

If there is no way to solve a problem, we will invent one.

For many years we have been active participants in real businesses and recognised professionals in our field.

We know the legal, accounting and management features of doing business in the Republic of Moldova. We have created a professional team of experts, consultants, lawyers, jurists, with a vast knowledge base in the fields of economics, finance, law, accounting and management, auditing.

Specialists in Corporate, Accounting and Legal Consulting in one place

Our team of professionals, with over 20 years of experience in legal and tax consulting, offers high-quality services aimed at the development and support of businesses.

We work not only with leading companies but also with private entrepreneurs and individuals who plan to start their own business.

Based on principles of responsibility, high quality, and result orientation, our team applies a systematic approach to solving our clients’ tasks, relying on proven methods and our experience.

Our principles


We offer our clients promising solutions in the legal framework and competent and useful accounting, tax and legal advice.


Each employee working with personal information has signed a CA (confidentiality agreement) and is responsible for its security.

Strict quality control

This is not only skilled process management, but also a detailed formalisation of the work, which allows you to avoid mistakes caused by the human factor.

Data protection

Our customers are fully protected against any technically unauthorised leaks.

Our advantages

Comprehensive support

A qualified solution to the problem of client support, as we offer a wide range of accounting and legal services.


Only professionals who have passed the most rigorous selection process and whose work is under constant internal control of our company will handle the client’s business.


There is no need to keep a full-time accountant working and troubleshooting incidentals in the workflow organisation – the client just focuses on their tasks.


Our specialists are competent, conscientious and responsible. The risk of error is close to zero. However, if this occurs, we will compensate the client for the full damage suffered.


Providing legal and accounting services at a level for which the company will have to pay much more to a full-time specialist.

Absolute confidentiality

This is one of the most important principles of outsourcing. And we, as a company that cares about our business image, adhere to it very strictly.

We don't just solve problems - we prevent them from happening

Most of the problems faced by entrepreneurs are not unique, as it seems at first glance.

The years of experience of our specialists will allow you to solve your problem in the shortest possible time in a safe way. Leave a request or contact us by phone.

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