Employment Security

Occupational safety is a crucial area for protecting the health and safety of employees in the workplace. This involves implementing measures and policies aimed at preventing accidents, occupational diseases and creating a safe working environment. Key aspects of occupational safety include

Occupational safety provides a range of tools


Risk Assessment and Implementation of Preventive Measures

Identify and assess potential hazards in the workplace. Adopt practices and procedures to minimise identified risks.

Training and Awareness

Provide regular training for employees to inform them about risks and ways to prevent them.

Use of Protective Equipment

Ensuring access to personal protective equipment and promoting its correct use.

Legislation and Compliance

Compliance with legal rules and regulations on occupational safety.

Accident Investigation

Detailed analysis of unfortunate events to prevent recurrence and improve security measures.

Open Communication

Promote an environment where employees can safely report any work safety issues.

Occupational safety is

not only protects employees, but also contributes to organisational efficiency by reducing absenteeism and the costs associated with workplace accidents. It is an essential aspect of a company’s social responsibility and contributes to a healthy and sustainable working environment.