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RECONSULTING offers you tax consulting, advice and assistance for efficient tax management, optimization of your tax situation and compliance with tax legislation.

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Tax Planning

Tax optimisation through legal strategies to minimise tax liabilities and available tax benefits in accordance with the tax legislation in force.

Refund and return of tax payments.

Refund and repayment of tax payments, refund of overpayments made to tax authorities as a result of overpayments or other legal circumstances.

Expertise of tax documents.

The aim is to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the tax information presented in the documents and to avoid possible errors or non-compliances that may affect the tax situation of a person or company.

Interaction with control bodies.

Communicating and collaborating with control authorities, including responding to audits and ensuring compliance.

Representation in tax bodies

Representing the organisation before tax authorities and other government institutions to resolve tax and legal issues.


presenting and explaining the financial or tax situation concisely to the authorities or other interested parties.

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